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Just Talk about It

How do you have the conversation about the dangers of alcohol and drugs? With the holidays behind us, plan a "Learn Something New Together" New Year's resolution. Start talking about the risks of using drugs and alcohol early and often.

Be Creative

Using text messaging is one creative way for parents to communicate with their children. These sample texts can be used to start the conversation about alcohol. See the link below for more texting ideas. It can be an effective and less confrontational way to communicate that you care.

  • Have fun tonight. Remember, alcohol can lead you 2 say things and do things u wish u hadn’t.
  • Hey! Have fun tonight. Wanted 2 remind you not 2 drink at the party.
  • Just because your friends drink, doesn’t mean you have to. I’m here if you need anything.
  • Let me know who is going to be at the party. Are the parents going 2 B home?
  • Remember, not drinking will keep you from making decisions you may regret.
> See Sample Text Messages to Help Your Child Avoid Alcohol

Talking to Your Child

See the Parent Talk Kit: Tips for Talking and What to Say to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse, from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. This includes age-by-age scripts that will help you get conversations going with your child. Here is sample Middle School scenario:

"There are a lot of changes ahead of you in middle school. I know we talked about drinking and drugs when you were younger, but now is when there’s probably going to be an issue. I’m guessing you’ll at least hear about kids who are experimenting or find yourself some place where kids are doing stuff that is risky. I just want you to remember that I’m here for you and the best thing you can do is just talk to me about the things you hear or see. Don’t think there’s anything I can’t handle or that you can’t talk about with me, okay?"

Remember, talk about it. The more teens understand the risks, the less they use.

If you're concerned about signs of drug use with your child, call (805) 981-9200 to talk with a professional at VCBH, Alcohol & Drug Programs, Youth Services, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - to 5 PM.
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