VCkidsFYI: Early marijuana use is linked to IQ dropping about 8 points. Learn the facts about the risks of marijuana for teens

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What are the risks?

Marijuana’s effects can last for days or weeks and include:

  • Problems paying attention and concentrating
  • Slower thinking
  • Poorer memory
  • Lower verbal comprehension
  • Worse problem solving
  • Less control of emotions

The Impact on School

  • Lower grades
  • Skipping classes
  • Studying less
  • Lower motivation
  • Potential for dropping out
  • Lost opportunities (sports, jobs, special programs)

Fewer Choices

Teen marijuana use predicts less educational achievement. Teens using marijuana for the first time at 18 years or older (or never using) compared to those using by 15 years are:

  • 3.6 times more likely to get a HS degree
  • 2.3 times more likely to enroll in college
  • 3.7 times more likely to get a college degree
Students with an average grade of “D” or lower report significantly higher rates of current marijuana use compared to those with an average grade of “C” or higher.

How to prevent my child from using marijuana

Normalize conversations about marijuana. Try using media examples to provoke a conversation. Talk often and early about the harmful effects of marijuana and the serious impact on learning and success.

Here are some Sample Goals to set the stage for a conversation about substances:

  • Begin an ongoing conversation about teen drug use
  • Gain insight into the pressures your child may be facing with drugs
  • Express concern and support
  • Gauge how your child feels about marijuana in general
Read more on how to talk to your kids about marijuana at Marijuana Talk Kit, What you need to know to talk with your teen about marijuana, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.

Remember, as a parent you are important in influencing your child's attitude about alcohol and drugs. Start talking to your child early about the risks of marijuana use. You can make a difference!

To Learn More

If you're concerned about signs of drug use with your child, call (805) 981-9200 to talk with a professional at Ventura County Behavioral Health, Alcohol & Drug Programs, Youth Services. Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
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